Let be friend

Let be friend

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Movie review

New Moon is a romantic action movie which talks about love and relationship between human,vampire,and werewolf.This movie was the continuation of Twilight which were shown out previouse years ago.The main character in this movie was Bella, a high school girl who has an incredible life,her common life has been changed since her first meeting with Edward, a completly gorgious vampire that has been living in this world more than a hundred years.Love between Bella and Edward could not be separated by anything,till Edward decided to leave her because for her safety,he was afriad that Bella would be killed by himself. During Bella's hurt time there was a guy who was her childhood friend,Jacob. He was the guy that took care of her when her heart was broken. Their relationship became closer and closer,which this made Jacob fell in love with her, this relationship between them could heal the wound in her heart. However, taking care of Jacob didn't help Bella to forget her love with the vampire .She tried many risk things to challenge Edward, she believed every time she was in danger. Edward would be near to her and she would hear his vioce.
Her life seemed weirder when she found out that Jacob was a werewolf, whose his tribe's vampire's enemy. She was surprised that both important guys of her are not humans

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Tell the world about yourself

My name is Panan Janpakdee.You can call me Nan.
I'm from the small district part of Buriram province,which is in the northeast Thailand.
I have one older brother and one younger sister.Both of my parents are agriculturists.When I'm free I enjoy myself by reading my favorite books,watching my favorite tv shows and movies,talking on the phone with my family,hanging out with my friends,and going to the the new places where I haven't been yet in Bangkok.Through my life I have a lot of friends and all of them are very good to me,they are always there for me when I get in trouble,who are still my friends though sometimes we don't understand each other,who alway give me a smile and forgive me when I do mistake,and who always love me though I'm not rich and beautiful.
I have been thinking about what I want to do in the future, till now I still can't find the right and clear one,because there are a lot of things in my mind that I want to be,I want to be an English teacher,sometimes I want to be a popular singer,and sometimes I want to be a great author.However,though my dream is unclear now,I believe that the one who lives in the paradise has the best one for me, now I just look forward to follow him and obey him.