Let be friend

Let be friend

วันอาทิตย์ที่ 5 กันยายน พ.ศ. 2553

My Dream Vocation

Is vacation your great time?
I believe that vocation is the time to have enjoyment with people you love. Have you ever dreamed about your unique vocation that it seems too far to seize it? Don’t be discouraged if you have it in your mind, let's look forward to have it. But while you are waiting for that time comes true! Let see my dream vocation and you can participate yourself in the part of my dream.
If I could go to any places I want on my vocation, I would go to the border between Thailand and Laos. Because there is a small tribe which is called Bru .People there immigrated from Cambodia and have settled in the border between Thailand and Laos. Why do I want to go and place my vocation there?
Firstly, I just desire to watch their living, I have told that their lives are really hazardouus and needly. Many of them died because of the bombimgs that they were burried since the war between Vietnam and American. This really effects their lives. I want to visit over and give them some help. I think it will be very awesome if I can share my love in my special time like vocation and ask them to join with me by sharing their suffering and their problems. And after their sharing I think I won't do any thing better than praying to the Lord for them, to heal their land, to show His greatness to them, to make their land become the land of peace, to give them hope, to give them the way of life, to comfort them, and to let them know their awesome creator. The second reason, is I want to learn their culture that I think it’s interesting. People there are from the country that was great in the past and now they live the place that is very lack of affluence and I think the picture of that great land seems to be disappeared from their mind. However, the land with behindhand and indigence doesn't mean their culture will be the same way . In contrast I believe that they are worth of beautiful culture and their traditional life. This makes me remember the time when I was a child, I live with nature and simple living without civilization and modern technology, in that time people shared things to their neighbors, It was time that people helped their friends, time that people smiled to each other, and time that people would be sad when one of them was in trouble, time to join, time to play, and time to love. That was the delight time for me, and it can’t seem to be true again in Thailand even my hometown . Therefore, I believe that I would see those times again in this land that is called Bru which means mountain. I believe when I hold my vocation in this mountain, my life would be surrounded with love from people and every life on this mountain.