Let be friend

Let be friend

วันอาทิตย์ที่ 5 กันยายน พ.ศ. 2553

My dairy

Do you think when you are happy the time seems very fastly?
In another hand when we are in trouble every second seems very slowly.
But, this is the truth that you will meet in every day of your life.
Let me share my some great experience in the passed week which it was my birth day.
This birth day was different from ever that I have never met before on my birthday. Many days before my birthday I was in trouble that It was so hard to find the way out, I had been busy with my study in the university, I concerned about my brother problem and I fight with my bad habit and other things else. There were so many things to do and to think about, that I didn’t know what I should do first. I tried very hard to do with the problems that I was facing, but ere was not thing got better. Sometimes I could think what will I do next, I was just waiting for the trouble time pass. Until, I gave up doing those things with my own strength and my own wisdom. Then I realized that there was somebody was watching and waiting for me to ask for his help. You know what! After I found out that knowledge I gave up to do any thing by my own and let him took over all of my works and my troubles. My job was only trusting in his powerfulness.
When my birthday came that awesome man already prepared for my birth day, he gave me the gift that my parents and I had waited for long but I got it on my birthday. In that day I had a small worm birthday celebration with my lovely friends and we had lunch together.
In the evening my friends and I went to the concert that I didn’t expect about it before but he gave me a chance to see on my birth. In that time I had so much fun ,and I could see how great he is. He cleared all of my works and troubles my and he also beauty the wonderful birthday for me. However, every moment that happened on that day went very fast,the time that I was blessed. Any way, I thankful to my mercy Man that he gave the special time and special thing for me on my birthday he made it different from other days.
Also He has encouraged me that in each day I will see different situations both good and bad do not be mad with them. Just try to understand and learn form it because those will make my life has more value in this world. And you will strong enough when the storm comes and you will enjoy with every time in your life because the one who created the seven days said that every day he created is remakable day.