Let be friend

Let be friend

วันจันทร์ที่ 13 กันยายน พ.ศ. 2553

short story

My love too late

In the desolate night, there was a pitiful girl was sobbing and praying with her hopeless voice, she was looking up and shouting to the shadowy sky with all her strength, I really miss you! Come back to me! She bowed down her knee and nestled her face on the green grass, continue to sob again. Her body was shacked by the coldness of the night, her skin turned pale, and every moment of her breathes went slowly. Marry, every night would come to this place for recalling and praying for her adorable love who now was going remote from her. She had found out that the guy who she always taught as a friend, forsake her and would not be back any more. Ruil was the resolute and gentle guy who fled himself from the busy city, to settle his trip in the unseen place, Alana. He placed his life there, where was very poor country. He met Marry a pretty affectionate volunteer teacher and fell in love with her. Unfortunately, Marry had a boyfriend whom she planed to marry. While, Ruil was helping people there, he was asked to help Marry in her class they had chance to know each other more, their relationship became closer and closer till they became intimates. Sometimes Marry felt kind of love him as well, but considered that feeling was love for friend. Ruil knew that their positions could not be more than friends, because he knew how much Marry love her boyfriend and they was going to marry very soon. Moreover he knew that Marry never took any interests in him more than being friend. Ruil recognized that he could not be able to live nearby her any more, he could not pretend himself not love Marry, he could not endure to watch Marry and her boyfriend were together, and he think if he stayed longer everything between Marry and him might be worse. Therefore, he decided to leave this place but during his rest time, he spent with preparing Marry’s wedding and writing a song he had planed to use in his wedding, but he was doing for Marry, his love. Many days before the wedding day, marry was finding something depth in her heart, and that was requiring to see Ruil, It’s calling to her every time. Later when she found out her desire to Ruil she willed to meet him, she ran with her exciting face but when she stopped at his house, she discovered that he already gone. He left only a box of gift for her wedding and a paper song that he narrated for her. Marry watched the gift in the box and read the whole song, suddenly she cried, and staggered her frail body to the wall leaned it there, she could not stand by her feeble legs, she kneeled down on the floor and started sobbing. She grieved with herself that she came too late; she even had a chance to tell him that her heart was crying for him. She had nothing to contact him, and didn’t know if he would be back again. From that event every night she would come to this garden that Ruil liked to spent his time here to write his songs and play with her. Marry was just wanting to remember of his face and his moments there. She had no way to do for recall him back better than praying and shouting up to the sky to bring her words to him.